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The case data used here comes from the Massachusetts Department of Health COVID-19 Dashboard. Town-by-town aggregate case counts are released each Thursday. Those figures are processed into the data you see here.

School data comes from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. During the 2020-2021 school year, it was also released each Thursday.

The state only reports data for municipalities that have more than 5 confirmed cases. If your has less than 5, data for your town will be wonky.

This might happen when a net decrease is made to the total number of cases in a town for a particular week, likely due to an error or revision to the state's data. To put it plainly, if there are no new cases reported in a town for a particuar week, and the state also discovers that one of the previously reported cases actually belongs in another town, a net decrease would appear for that week.

School student and staff cases are only available if the name of the district matches the name of the town. Therefore, it would not include most private schools, regional schools and other districts whose students come from multiple municipalities.

The figures represent positive covid cases among students who were in a school building within the previous 7 days of testing positive.

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